Elegance is simple, but effective.


Examples of our work:

Designing a web site is about solving problems. Of course, aesthetics matter. But a site should be more than just a pretty face. Choose a site below, and see for yourself.

 Rearing Successful Sons
Challenge: Win hearts and minds for donations to a successful mentoring program.

Site Highlight
A clean design and thoughtful content editing allows the photos of actual children in the program to tell the story.
RearingSuccessful Sons Site Screenshot
 Jan Counts Skin Specialist
Challenge: Designing a relaxing, professional site to communicate Jan's talent for skin care. Her frequent referrals from medical professionals set her apart from spas, and her site needed to reflect the serious nature of her skill set.

Site Highlight
Soft colors and a classic pattern pulled together the look, while organized and detailed descriptions of her service offerings make the case for clinical skin care.
Jan Counts Skin Specialist Site Screenshot

Foundation of Faith and Greater New Faith Baptist Churches
Challenge: A church web site that doesn't look like a church web site. Understated symbolism and purposeful design decisions yield a welcoming, contemplative design.

Site Highlight
Wordpress makes it easy for teachers to post online and maintain their own content. Live sessions are broadcast on Ustream each week.

In Pursuit of Truth Site
 Talents Diversified
Challenge: Presenting the human side of mapping large data sets.

Site Highlight
Careful color and image choices resulted in a warm and inviting site design to showcase the possibilites of Talents Diversified mapping services.
Talents Diversified Site Screenshot
 Francis Gause Wedding
Challenge: Providing an content manegement solution that was easy to maintain for a busy bride.

Site Highlight
Customized CMS Made Simple solution and training for the bride on site maintenence.
Francis Gause Wedding July 30th 2011
 Alala - A unique boutique for today's surving woman.
Challenge: Creating a comforting space for breast cancer survivors that combined useful information with convienent online shopping.

Site Highlight
Sherry and Kim's online presence required a complete overhaul. A new logo, online store and content management system gave them the tools they needed to reach their clientele effectively. A well thought out design with plenty of white space and soft colors makes browsing the site a stress free experience.
Alala Web Site
 From the Heart of Pamela - Natural Bath and Body Products
Challenge: Communicating with calm natural imagery. Pamela also required a very simple e-commerce solution.

Site Highlight
Bright but serene images set the tone. PayPal's Buy Now buttons provide the simple payment option Pamela required.
From the Heart of Pamela Web Site
 Rev. Atu White
Challenge: Integrating e-commerce and content management seamlessly. The design provides a slick platform to present the message of Rev. White. Clean lines and bold accent colors are consistent across the entire site.

Site Highlight
Sample video and audio clips tease visitors into wanting more.
Rev. Atu White Web Site